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dublinzine is for cultural updates, information on films, events, celebrities, fashion tidbits, theatre mentions, and an occasional interview/rant (which hopefully there will be more of soon). Despite the recession the arts in Dublin are thriving, with plenty of theatre, exhibitions and festivals to attend.

dublinzine is a fan of anything new, daring, exciting and excellant (whether dead or alive)-The Beats, Modernism, Performance Art, Truman Capote, blogging, photography, culture, counter-culture,  fashion designers  like Anna Sui, music like The Doors, Bob Dylan, The Script, Florence and The Machine, Paloma Faith and all things New York & Paris.

Feel free to contribute information for the events section. Retweet and share posts on facebook, if you feel so inclined! If you feel you could write a post or two, or be a guest blogger on dublinzine, get in touch. Also, check out the Video Wall for the latest videos related to posts.

*  Arty actor James Franco is the official muse/fantasy ‘Teddy’ bear/celebrity crush of dublinzine.

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