Interview: Luke Mathers of Unquiet Nights

December 24, 2010 § 5 Comments

Unquiet Nights are the business. A kind of shining light in the Irish music world. Lead singer Luke Mathers answers some questions for dublinzine.

Q. Where did the name for the band come from?

A. The word Unquiet features in a Genesis song, who are on of my favourite bands.  Also the word is vaguely related to bipolar disorder, the unquiet night of the soul etc.  It implies the late nights, loud music, adventure, scandal that fits in with the rich history of Rock & Roll music.  But also has the darker undertone I mentioned.

Q. Band members names & instruments?

A. Rodger Firmin’s the drummer, Daniel Lynch on guitar, Adam Black on bass, and Luke Mathers which is myself on guitar/vocals.

Q. Who are your influences? (Are you XFactor fans or against it?)

A. Opposed to the X-factor in every possible way.  Rehashing awful, souless versions of formerly great songs with no one writing original stuff or playing an instrument is not music.  I resent hugely that everyone asks “why my band don’t go on x-factor” by clueless people who’s album collection is thinner than their credit card.  Because we write and perform original material is the main reason.  Musical talent and X-factor car crash entertainment are two entirely different leagues, and people should realise that soon.  The UK and Ireland have made incredible contributions to popular music in the past and now this.  I would say it’s the depressing celebration of mediocrity, but that’s only on a good night.  I’ve also read Cowell attacking Springsteen and Weller’s legacy as artists.  This is the same guy who made his money flogging novelty records like Robson & Jerome, Teletubbies and wrestling soundtrack albums.  I sincerely wish I would wake up tomorrow and this shite would be finished with.  Or atleast put into perspective by the mainstream.

Q. You have quite an authentic rock/indie sound,  do you  think rock will make some kind of a comeback, as opposed to rap,  poppy rock, anthem music, or boy bands. Jim Morrison said in the late sixties ‘rock is dead. ‘ Agree, or disagree?

A. It still exists, I’ve witnessed it.  I’ve seen The Stones, Springsteen, Weller, Richard Ashcroft live many times and it was the real deal.  Also relatively newer bands like The Hold Steady, Gaslight Anthem, Editors, Foo Fighters, Audioslave are the real deal.  Listen to the current Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers album “Mojo”.  That’s living breathing Rock & Roll if I’ve ever heard it.  Look at people’s appetite and curiosity towards Rock culture with the John Lennon film biopic coming out.  It’s not dead and never will die.  It’s just that the music industry have become so incredibly greedy and corporate that Rock bands can’t be trusted.  They’re free spirits, know their own worth, won’t surrender all artistic control of their music and image.  The music industry want something that can be sculpted, managed, contained, and ultimately owned.  It’s their own fault for not developing new talent that they’re having to endlessly remaster and release random Best Of collections by bands they own the back catalogue of.  The need to balance the books.

Q. What’s the goal for the band?

A. To keep writing and recording, doing good work.  Building the fanbase, turning people on to our stuff.  We’d like to find a way of making it work financially to tour more and take some of the opportunities that have been offered to us.  I don’t personally think the songwriting of the band limits us in anyway.  There’s no apparant trend to what type of people like our songs, any age, any continent.  People are getting it.  I’d just love for anyone who reads this to get on and download our stuff off the tunewidget.

Q. Are you playing in Dublin soon?

A. Possibly doing Balcony TV Dublin very soon.  As for live gigs there isn’t a date I can give you but there are things threatening to happen soon.  The only gig confirmed at the minute is Sat March 12th in The Scala London with Bloc Party.  Dublin will happen though that’s for sure.  Best way to be kept up to date is join the mailing list, and follow on twitter/facebook/myspace.  All the networking sites are linked from

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