Q&A with the director of My Best Friend at The New Theatre

March 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Brendan Fox is the director of the play My Best Friend by Tamsin Oglesby which is currently running in the city centre. From being an actor himself he got into directing, and takes his experience from life and art  into the theatre, film, painting and sculpting.

Q. What is the play about?

A. The play is about friendship and the past.  Three girls who were friends have a re-union in the French countryside. The issues are dark, but of course there are light-hearted moments. It’s all from a female perspective, bullying issues, men. Things you know and things you dont know, as in revelations about understanding and shared pasts. One is married with three kids, one has a successful business and the other works in a call centre… It’s all about reading between the lines and things that are not said.

Q. How did you get into directing?

A.I did a course, subsequently learning a lot about theatre production and then started directing. Currently Im in NCAD. Projects tend to overlap each other and each one enhances the other.

Q. Who are your fave actors and directors?

A. David Lynch, Salavador Dali. Dali worked with the laws of comparison, surreal paintings that people consider to be weird, but it’s the wave and undercurrent that engages people. it’s all in the details and what’s really going on. I like James Dean,  I like his attitude, and that classic Hollywood era. Also Hitchcock, so engaging. I also like Tilda Swinton.

Q. Who would you like to work with?

A. David Lynch. I love Mulholland Drive, that level of weirdness. Lynch looks at film from the perspective of an artist, using for instance different shades of colour in a dress to represent something.

Q. Why do you think the arts are flourishing in Ireland?

A. When people dont have any money they have to be creative.  The city also has so many spaces now that the County Council are asking artists to fill spaces, like T Block in Smithfield.

My Best Friend  (Minds Eye Theatre Company) runs until Saturday 26th March at The New Theatre, Essex St, Temple Bar. More details


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