Interview: Conor Madden-star of Hamlet at The Helix

March 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

Conor Madden strikes me as the perfect Hamlet. When we sit down to talk at Wynn’s Hotel last month with a few weeks still to go to Polling Day, he precedes to discuss what everyone is thinking about-the state of the nation. It’s raining outside and everyone is hurting, including it seems the actor.
When I finally ask him about acting, he looks at me for a second, but I have the feeling that he could talk about politics for hours, even days…it’s all going round and round in his head. Like I said, blond, intense, perplexed, perfect for the brooding Dane.

Here are some of his non-political thoughts-

On acting: “The more rich your life is, the more rich your acting, the wider your understanding.”

On life:” Fate is bandied about too much, you live and die. Time is not linear, our lives are like water, but you have to find a path, otherwise you could end up like some people do, just sitting around smoking pot all day.”

On his career: “I was one day on the set of Raw. Though I dont think my father was impressed with my role.” (He had a ‘romantic’ scene with the Australian chef, Geoff, played by Damon Gameau)

On Irish actors: “Brendan Gleeson and his sons are lovely people. Breen is a gentleman. Liam Neeson and Aiden Gillen are brilliant.”

On Hollywood actors:”Brando did something unbelievable, but he was a pain in the ass.”

On extracurricular activities: “I read about four books a week (currently reading Bring On the Apocalypse, The Stars My Destination) I like performance art, dance, modern art.”

On the arts: “I work all the time, anyone who makes art, it’s worth it.”

Hamlet is running at the Helix (DCU) from Thursday February 24th to Saturday March 19th, and from Tuesday April 5th to Friday, April 8th. See for more details


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§ 2 Responses to Interview: Conor Madden-star of Hamlet at The Helix

  • Izzy says:

    I went to see hamlet today with my english class and I really enjoyed it! I thought the acting was brilliant especially as there were a few other schools there that were laughing all the time and they completly ruined the atmosphere. I think Conor played Hamlet really well and the rest of the cast were brilliant too. I also really loved the set design. Credit to all the work that went into it, it was brilliant.

  • Aisling says:

    I went to see Hamlet with my english class today too.I thought it was brilliant! the actors did a great job and it didn’t feel like we were there for 2 and a half hours at all.i agree that the atmosphere was ruined but the actors continued on which was great.would definitely go again!

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