Some Like It Hot at The Sugar Club-Q&A with the organizer

February 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Film Fatale’s Fernanda tells dublinzine about the latest film venture in Dublin, regular cinema classics with a dress-up party following. dublinzine says ‘nice one.’

Q. Why did you set up these glam film events?
I’ve always been passionate about film, especially the classics. It is brilliant that cinemas are now showing more classic films, but I always felt I would like to extend the experience through the night. The idea behind Film Fatale is to immerse in the world of classic films. The whole night will be themed around the film being screened including music, drinks and fashion.

Q. Any tips on what you’re likely to be screening in the next few months?
This is still a secret for now, but all I can say is we will focus on the golden age of cinema. Future events will be announced soon on our blog ( and facebook page (

Q. People are encouraged to dress-up? Will everyone who go to the film get their glam rags on?
Yes! We encourage everyone to dress up, but it isn’t an obligation. By dressing up, the audience is helping us to set the scene at the event. As ‘Some Like it Hot’ is set in 1929, we expect to see some girls in flapper outfits and hopefully a bunch of guys dressed up as Daphne and Josephine!

Q, What are your own fave classic movies?
The first that come to mind are ‘Sunset Boulevard‘ and ‘Casablanca‘, but there are many more.

Q. What does it cost in?
It’s €13.50 on and €15 at the door. The after party, which starts at 10.30pm, is only €5.

Film Fatale Events-Some Like It Hot (Sat, Feb 5th at 8pm The Sugar Club)


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