Review: Catfish

January 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

can be described in three words-intriguing, revealing and disturbing. It’s fly-on-the-wall documentary style turns into an adventure film with three protagonists (the subject Nev, and the two film-makers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost)  going in search of the mysterious family Nev has made friends with (and more!) on facebook. Nev Schulman, the cool NY dance photographer is truly taken for a ride by the mother Angela, her daughters, eight year old Abby and the sophisticated Megan Faccio. Megan is apparently multi-talented, and easily catches Nev’s eye.  He quickly adds them as friends, and then adds their friends.

Things begin to unravel, though, when he discovers that the mp3s Megan is sending him of her awesome singing are actually copies of American artists on youtube.

You really need to see this movie, because saying anything more is giving it away, but suffice it to say it is creepy, sad and and a telling insight into the lives of some people who frequent social media platforms like facebook  in order to escape reality.

The three guys in the film are charming. The scene where they discover Megan is not what she seems really pulls you into the story, and you’re with them as they venture down the spooky Michigan lane to Megan’s ‘house.’ Recommended.


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