James Franco-Is Very Happy To Host The Oscars.

December 21, 2010 § 3 Comments

The negative reaction in the American press to the news that hot actor James Franco and hot actress Anne Hathaway will be hosting the Oscars in 2011 makes me wonder? Why the negativity? Complaints centre around the pair’s  lack of comedic talents and that the show wont pull in the viewers.

I cant speak about Hathaway, but Franco is well-known for his comedic chops. (funnyordie skits and Pineapple Express) Also, somehow overlooked are the probable nominations of both Hathaway and Franco for Academy Awards for their latest roles (Love and other Drugs and 127 Hours respectively) which is sure to create a huge buzz.

Ali Naderzad of cinema blog Screen Comment spoke to James Franco about the Oscars. He writes:

“Bah humbug to all the negativity I say… Team Franco-Hathaway’s jokes will be talked about all year and ABC will get its highest ratings ever. When I asked Franco how he would prepare for the telecast, he simply responded “just relax.” As I mentioned the indignant press articles and asked if this was making him nervous he added, “I don’t feel any pressure. I am just happy to be a part of the show.”

When I asked him about his decision to host the Oscars he commented, “I hesitated for a second, but then I realized that of course I should do it. Who knows how long people are still going to care about the Oscars? I thought it would be nice to take part while people still love movies.”

127 Hours opens in Ireland on January 5th. Thanks to Ali for permission to repost the interview.


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§ 3 Responses to James Franco-Is Very Happy To Host The Oscars.

  • I prefer folks that write blogs, it’s definitely really hard to get this form of awareness. Awesome work.

  • Cecilia O. Vinson says:

    Little provides me more interest in the winter months than thinking about who will who wont…and examaining the tea leaves of awards gone by to get some sort of insight on to what will happen.All of this silliness will begin in earnest again very shortly with announcements from the National Board of Review and Independent Spirit coming soon. Dont say I didnt warn ya. But it would seem as though surprises already abound if this story is to be believed about James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting this years ceremony.It might turn out to be complete hogwash but the sources seem to be pretty sound.

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