Interview: Actor Michael McGlone talks the creative process

November 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

Michael McGlone, who starred in Ed Burns early ‘Irish guys’ movies The Brothers McMullen and She’s The One, is an actor, singer/songwriter/poet and comic talent. He has featured in The Kill Point (TV Series), Bad City, Dinner Rush, The Bone Collector, CRASH (TV) and regularly appears at Gotham Comedy Club in New York and plays music at Swing House in LA. I emailed him over these questions and he emailed these answers back.

Q. You mix a combination of creative work, singing, writing, acting, comedy etc.Do you notice these different disciplines feeding off each other, or do they all help you be more creative?

A. They definitely assist each other…though in ways that are not always explicable.

It’s more a feeling, most often, a very positive feeling of being productive in a way, you know enhances your understanding of other things…and so will enhance your productivity in other areas. In one very explicable fashion though all that I do is helpful to me because it makes me Happy…and I’m most productive when I’m Happy in my Life.

Q. For instance, lots of singers paint, like Bob Dylan, but few celebrities go as far as becoming a multi-media artist like James Franco or yourself. Do you need to explore othercreative outlets for personal well-being? Marlon Brando was well-known for not beingthat enamoured with acting, do you think having other creative interests for some peopleis a neccessity?

A. For some, yes. For me, certainly…and I would guess for James Franco and Dylan, too. In the work, you can see the necessity. The fact it exists, that it’s done, underscores its necessity. The fact that its also very good, does this…because that means it is/was developed…it was/is important to the Artist…

Q. Have you seen Ed Burns new film Nice Guy Johnny? His earlier films have thismagical feel to them-would you like to work with him again?

A. I have yet to see Nice Guy Johnny, but I look forward to seeing it…and, yes, Eddie has done many special things in his Films…and as to the two we made together, from the beginning we shared a chemistry that was unique and very enjoyable and productive…
His writing is excellent, and his on set presence very calm and positive…those things among the reason, some of my best on set memories belong to The Brothers McMullen and She’s the One…

Q. Several commentators on IMDB (The Brothers McMullen) said you werethe best actor in the film. How do you feel about that?

A.I feel highly complimented…when someone wishes to express they like you especially it is a Lovely thing…but you would not wish any compliment to you to be by extension of a criticism of someone else…but what Eddie created with the character I played, Patrick, was exceptional…and I think that material has as much to do with it as what I performed; as the latter would not have been possible without the former…

Q. Also, regarding this a few expressed the opinion that you might do some more of these ‘lighter’ roles. Any plans for this in the future?

Indeed. I revel in playing all thing well written…be they light or dark…and, frankly, would enjoy playing some softer roles…as I am sought out more regularly for the edgy and intense characters…

Q. What is your Irish background? (I saw that vid where you said that being Irish youwere born angry, or something like that)- What do you think is a positive trait of the Irish anda negative trait?

My ethnic mixture is Irish and Polish. Preponderately, Irish. And, to amplify what I said, I do not consider an inherent anger or pugnacity (which I most definitely have identified with) as a negative thing. It is merely a true one…in the way that Notre Dame chose for their symbol the Fighting Irish…it is an acknowledgment; and one that in my Life has given me an understanding of my, and human, nature, that I would lack without. I’m very proud of my Irish lineage, and one that has as much, of course, to do with Love and Lyricism and Beauty as other qualities. One of the leading among these would have to be for the word…the great Irish Gift of song and story. Some of the greatest Singers, Poets and Novelists, in my estimation, I’m gratified to acknowlege are Irish. James Joyce, Shaw, Yeats, Beckett, Frank Patterson, Michael O’Duffy, John McCormack, Michael Londra, Wilde… The list goes on, as we know…and I resist continuing, only out of consideration for your time… (a smile here) Our McGlones come, originally, from County Mayo…and I’m third generation…

Q. Have you been to Dublin?

A.I have been to Dublin, twice, and Love the city…on one of the trips, in December, I remember vividly the sight of O’Connell Street in the snow…it is, to this day, one of the most Lovely I have seen. I will return…I will also see more of the outlying country, too, and look forward to venturing North at some time, also…

Q. Talk a little about what New York means to you

A.Principally, New York, means Home. It is also means Life…in so many ways…which is why I Love it as much as I do…there is so much variance here…the pace is exceptional, of course, which suits me…and the distinct energy- and/or anxiety- inspiration from it, the constant interface with others…some pleasant, some not, give you example of all things… In New York you can’t effectively avoid seeing what Life is in variety…and that is an excellent Gift…because while not all experiences are easy, or even preferable, they can all be purposeful to greater understanding. For the multifarious expressions of humanity…success and failure, here…this understanding can be very rich, indeed.
Not only for these reasons, though, but because it is also, I find, such a Beautiful City…whether expressed by Central Park, the Chrysler Building, Washington Square…or any number of exquisite Museums and restaurants, it is a place that will always be, to me, desirable and Loved.

Many thanks to Michael.



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