Review: The Moderns IMMA

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Moderns, IMMA‘s latest exhibition is impressively and expansively laid out, and definitely deserves the large crowds it is attracting. It is amazing to see the architectural set of drawers and chair & photos such as Dublin lit at night during the Eucharistic Congress in 1932.

It’s also great to see the  odd Samuel Beckett film (FILM 1965) starring Buster Keaton, which ends in a study of Keaton’s face, and that face then covered by his long piano fingered hands in an effort at shutting out the world, which is looking anyway. (Kind of like reality TV)
It’s more than enough just to see the exhibits, I generally think, though, the real stars of this show are Ireland‘s major modern artists such as Mainie Jellet, Jack. B.Yeats, Louis Le Broquy and Robert Ballagh. Their class shines out.

Recommended : to go and look closely.

More info

The Irish Museum of Modern Art


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