Review: Dont look Now

November 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

I havent read Daphne du Maurier‘s short story Don’t Look Now & have only seen clips of the movie starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie, but I do know I was prepared to be spooked by Dont Look Now, the recent Dublin Exhibition in the Back Loft, La Catedral Studios, Augustine St.

I wasnt disappointed by the animation work of Sam Boyd and Patrick Wall, a comic-style walk through narrow streets projected onto a white wall. The audio, heavy deep breathing, made it all the more uncomfortable as we follow the mostly unseen figure huffing and puffing along paths and steps. (The first thing you hear when you walk in to the exhibition, in fact, is the heavy breathing) Other pieces such as Beige and White Silk Scarf by Hannah Mullin and most of her work underscored this lack of a human face.  The other artists seemed to pick up the same theme, as seen in Sarah Vedon’s “looks” Look 1 and 2 were two ensembles of hanging black clothes, totally just hanging.

I met two of the artists, Gitta Hammond and Robert Parkinson while I was there. Both were seated in the huge room, oblivious to the heavy breathing. Gitta’s prints had a bloody theme, which I wasnt sure I’d like to see on my wall, but they were beautifully executed, as was Robert’s The Watched Pot which I thought was a great title.

Eoin Williams series of Letting Go photographs were very powerful, but the ‘twin’ women and the faceless judge in Grainne Wall’s work really creeped me out. Im not sure though the mix of the old-fashioned Victoriana approach and the more contemporary pieces gave the exhibition a cohesive feel. All in all, I would  have liked to have seen more work exhibited.

I really loved the Back Loft space itself and definitely will go to more exhibitions there. More info-the Back Loft blog.

(Apologies for the puns, did you see them?)


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