James Franco Mania-I’m Not Gay and I Don’t Smoke Pot

September 6, 2010 § Leave a comment

Man, that James Franco! He has three major movies coming out soon and is deep into film-making, writing, making art, studying and recently appeared on American soap General Hospital as an artist cum serial killer called Franco.

His beautiful face, extreme magnetism and gentle, intelligent manner, are set off by the best smile that most people have ever seen. The fact that he is hilariously funny (check out his funnyordie.com videos) only adds to his overall appeal, and is one of his real strengths, something which elevates him above the rest.

Is James Franco ready for the ride? Seeing as he’s well overdue leading man status, probably yes.

Franco Facts (Beginners’ Guide)

James Franco can be seen in Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts, Howl as Allen Ginsberg, and in 127 Hours as Aron Ralston, the rock climber who hacked off his own arm when he got trapped in a ravine.

James Franco is the face of Gucci by Gucci For Men. The first classic ad had the soundtrack of Rosin Murphy with her version of  Roxy Music’s Slave To Love.

Franco’s best roles have been as Daniel Desario in Freaks and Geeks, James Dean in the TV drama James Dean (2001), as Robert De Niro‘s son Joey in The City by The Sea (2002), as The Green Goblin in the Spider Man series. He’s played a stoner/dealer Saul Silver in Pineapple Express (2008) and Harvey Milk‘s lover in Gus Vant Sant’s movie Milk starring Sean Penn. He’s also better than he thinks in Tristan and Isolde (2006).

James Franco was born in 1978 in Palo Alto, California and is of Portugese, Swedish and Russian Jewish origins. His artistic family include his younger brothers Tom and Dave Franco, the actor.

Aside from studying  4 Masters degrees in creative writing, film-making and what-ever you’re having yourself at a range of colleges in New York like Columbia and NYU, he  also got his B.A. in literature at UCLA & the word is that he will be going to Yale for a PhD in creative writing. He is known to be a fan of James Joyce and Finnegan’s Wake is cited as being one of his favourite books.

Franco has a first book of short stories called Palo Alto (Simon and Schuster) out October 19th and exhibited The Dangerous Book Four Boys at the Clocktower gallery in New York. He dates Ahna O’Reilly (Irish?) who also comes from Palo Alto.

Unfortunately after all James’ massive effort to be an artist, actor, and student extraordinaire, he may actually be more famous now as a self pleasurer! dublinzine is a real fan of James Franco, however, and applauds his efforts to follow his dreams.

On the cover of The Advocate: “I’m Not Gay and I don’t Smoke Pot”
Interview with Franco from nytimes.com



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